Whenever there's any big news about breast cancer in the press, I know I'm going to get a flurry of phone calls, emails, and texts from patients wanting to know one thing: "How does this new development apply to me?"

The idea of this blog is to help you answer that question. A lot of the information out there in the media is good and credible, but there's an equal amount that's ill-informed and often plain wrong. Whenever there's a major new study or article in the press, I'll dissect it here, filling you in on what you need to know and what you can safely tune out.

—Dr. Elisa Port

Evening at the Dubin Benefit Gala

Last month, the Dubin Breast Center held its Fifth Annual Benefit Gala, an event I felt honored to attend. The Dubin Breast Center opened in 2011 as part of Mount Sinai, one of the nation’s top-ranked hospitals…

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